Friends 2022 AGM

Report of the 2022 AGM

Huge interest in Bendigo’s Biodiversity: Guest Speaker at AGM

At a packed Annual General Meeting of the Friends in September 2022, Dr Mark Hall, Senior Biodiversity Officer with the City of Greater Bendigo, discussed our eco systems and everything that interacts with them, including climate, soil, vegetation and the range of species that inhabit them. He explained how a balance of all these features are vital to the stability of the eco systems. A change in the diversity of the eco systems occurs with loss of habitat through practices of land clearing, urban growth, agriculture and more. Mark’s special interest area of study involves ‘Landscape Ecology’ and pollinators in areas like roadside vegetation, along creeks, woodlands and open paddocks. Birds and native bees are obvious pollinators but many of the Friends were surprised to learn that there are other pollinators including beetles, hover flies, moths, wasps and mammals.

In answering questions from the members, Mark outlined that in the Bendigo area we have abundant native flowering species to attract pollinators. These include eucalypts, grevilleas, rosemary, basil and salvias to name just a few.

It was interesting to understand how native bees move through a ‘corridor’ from home gardens to the bush and the wider landscape.

How can we assist Bendigo’s Biodiversity?

Currently, Mark and his team are developing a Biodiversity Strategy for Greater Bendigo and would love your input. They aim to develop a shared vision for improving nature across Greater Bendigo by developing policy and planning initiatives, with priorities for local action. Simply share with Mark’s team what you love about our local natural environment, places you visit,and how you think the city can protect and enhance our biodiversity. You can do this via a community survey, an online mapping tool or even sending them your photos of wildlife. Community members can also send photos of insects for identification to iNaturalist Australia:


Mark Hall at the City of Greater Bendigo:
City of Greater Bendigo Climate Change and Environment Team:
Brand new Publication: ‘Your Guide to the Insects of Central Victoria’
This is a free full colour booklet to promote community interest and awareness of our fascinatinginsects and the critical role they play in sustaining our local environment. There is even a digital copyof this publication, available for your phone.

 Below is a photo of Dr. Mark Hall with the new Friends of Bendigo Botanical Gardens' President, Ms Delene Comerford.

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