We are the Friends of Bendigo Botanic Gardens Inc.,
a voluntary group operating under the auspices of the City of Greater Bendigo

Bendigo Botanic Gardens

Our activities include nursery propagation, garden work, botanical illustration, guided tours, fundraising for garden projects, providing community input to the development and implementation of the garden’s Master Plan, and promoting the gardens. We also produce a twice-yearly magazine, Dovyalis.

We have several sub-groups and a committee.


We meet every second month, or more often if required. As well as the usual committee business, we are involved in fundraising for garden projects, planning and helping with garden events, providing input to garden developments, and promoting the gardens through the local media. 

Meeting time: 11:30 am on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Samuel Gadd Centre.

Growing Friends and Gardening Friends 


Guiding Friends


Note: COVID restrictions may apply to the above activities.

For more information, contact:

Annie Clarke
Tel  03 5442 1615
Email  info@friendsbgobg.org.au

Samuel Gadd Centre
71 Napoleon Crs, White Hills

The closest entry to the centre is in Hamelin St.